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Our cost-effective training framework lets you drop your content into ready-made templates and instant courses.

Compliance Training: Organizations need to provide their employees with compliance training on a wide range of topics, including discrimination and harassment, dealings with competitors, protecting trade secrets, records management, kickbacks, etc. Why not meet your compliance mandates with a proven platform that delivers a predictable, repeatable cost-efective learning process?

Customer Training: Customers often need education in order to make the best use of your products and services. Additionally, online courses deliver a solid value and proven benefits, and can be an integral part of your revenue profile. Customers can learn in a private, secure environment with user-defined exercises and tests.

Marketing Your Online Courses: Your knowledge and creativity are valuable assets. There are companies, organizations, and individuals who could benefit from your knowledge, and are willing to pay for it. You can sell courses to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection, and with the FlexTraining Universal Learning Platform delivery and revenue generation are automated and reliable.

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Nuvasive Inc. NuVasive is an innovations-based medical device company focusing on the development of products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders. FlexTraining helps Nuvasive stay in compliance with a broad array of regulations.

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Seagate Technologies, LLC With more than a quarter century of industry expertise, Seagate leverages FlexTraining to remain a key driver of innovative solutions for the storage industry in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

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Smart Super Pty. SmartSuper Pty. Ltd. (North Sydney, Australia) is a super fund aministrator that utilizes FlexTraining to help its staff offer a comprehensive range of training, administration and compliance services to businesses and individuals.

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JT3 After an extensive search for an e-Learning product that would provide a low cost yet effective solution, JT3 selected FlexTraining because of cost-effectiveness and feature set in FlexTraining.

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Utica National Insurance When Utica National Insurance Group needed to control training costs and deliver consistent online learning programs to its 1,500 nationwide employees. FlexTraining was the clear choice.

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Kinder Morgan Inc. When new government regulations were implemented that required Kinder Morgan to enhance and test the qualifications of its 2,500 employees, they turned to FlexTraining.

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Erie County Prison System The Erie County Prison training team has introduced a training innovation for their corrections training academy by creating a new, blended training environment, combining traditional training with the FlexTraining Learning Management System.

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East Tennessee State University ETSU set out to find a Learning Management System to suit their training needs, plus meet stringent federal guidelines. After an extended search, they selected FlexTraining.

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