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Option 1: Simply use the new Power Lesson feature in the FlexTraining course-builder.

Just export your PowerPoint presentation as a set of slides from inside PowerPoint, and save them in a folder on your computer. Then use the point-and-click Power Lesson feature right inside FlexTraining. In less than a minute a new lesson will be created and loaded with the slides from your presentation. (Courses are made of Lessons).

Best of all, you can edit or re-sequence the lesson, and individual screens, afterward using the standard lesson editing tools.

And of course, there is no need to learn HTML or any other type of coding or complex setup.

Take a look at the FlexTraining course-builder.

Option 2: Export to a video (mp4) file.

Import the entire presentation, as a PPT or PPTX file, into Captivate or another desktop converter, such as Ispring. Make changes to dimensions, add audio, add transitions, change default timings, and make other edits until you are happy with the look and flow. Now export the presentation to a video file format (.mp4) and save (and view) it on your local computer.

Make changes and re-export as needed. When you are happy with the mp4 video, upload it to the FlexTraining video library, or to YouTube if you prefer.

In the FlexTraining course-builder, add a new learning screen to any lesson. Choose the Multimedia template or YouTube template, depending on where you chose to place the mp4 video in the previous step.

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Option 3: Use the Video Lesson feature in the FlexTraining course-builder.

This is a variation on the method above. Instead of creating one video, create several. Create one video per topic, or use some other breakdown that makes sense to you and your target learners. Very long PowerPoint presentations are most likely to need to be broken up in this way.

Save the mp4 files in a folder on your local computer. Then open FlexTraining in your browser and navigate to the course builder. Edit a course and click the Video Lesson button. The Video Lesson tool will import all the videos and created a screen for each, with template type Multimedia.

As always, you can edit and/or re-sequence items in the lesson you have just created. And you can add additional screens to the lesson, including text screens, learner exercises, and screens based on other templates.

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