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Competitive Fees, Flexible Features

To find a complete, full-featured online training system at an economical price is unusual. To find one with a built-in, multi-user, learning content authoring tool is unheard of. Add in the benefits of our unique point-and-click system configuration and you can see why the FlexTraining concept is energing as a preferred solution.

The FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution is licensed for unlimited courses, for one fixed economical price. Rather than requiring annual royalty payments or per-user fees, we license FlexTraining for a simple, low one-time payment or a monthly subscription.

This is one more way we make it easy to do business and help you concentrate on your training goals rather than ongoing administration and maintenance.

The FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution includes:

  • Student module
  • Management center
  • Streamlined course builder
  • User-controlled options/behaviors
  • Course templates
  • Automated enrollment, integrated testing and course evaluations

FlexTraining is far more cost-effective than other leading web based training solutions. And there are no additional course or manager fees and no need to buy and install additional browser software.

Total Cost of Ownership

Consider your complete project in order to estimate your 'total cost of ownership' - the full cost of acquiring and IMPLEMENTING your online training solution.

One large software vendor claims to collect services fees in excess of four times the amount of their software license fees. These add-ons and hourly fees keep their consultants busy, and can be an unpleasant surprise to the customer.

At FlexTraining we value simplicity and flexibility. Most of our customers spend ZERO external fees on implementation.

How? Our platform comes complete with streamlined course authoring and assembly, navigation and tracking, reporting, certificates, and user-defined options and policies. Some of our customers have no Information Technology resources at all, and no outside consultants. And of course these companies and organizations need to be successful for us to grow.

Standard FlexTraining Implementation Steps

  1. Set Options and Policies with point-and-click menus. (FlexTraining comes with default settings which you can change at any time to customize the system to your needs.)
  2. Assemble courses and tests with our user-friendly course-builder screens (Tests, evaluations, and certificates are optional and free.)
  3. Import or enter your Learners. (Assign courses and optional skill groups as desired.)
  4. Activate courses and monitor progress with reports or mobile app. (Add, change and delete courses and learners at any time.)

These can be purely customer-driven activities, while we are in the background answering questions as needed. Some customers engage our hosting and course-development services, which we deliver professionally and economically. It's always up to you.

Consider the total cost of acquiring, implementing, and operating your training platform. You'll see just how cost-effective FlexTraining is.

For a custom user-based quote for a FlexTraining license, click here.

For a custom user-based quote for a FlexTraining Login & Go annual subscription, click here.

Please ask your E-Learning consultant for the latest information on:

  • Custom course development
  • Premium Application Hosting
  • The turnkey training center Login & Go subscription program

If you do not have a FlexTraining E-Learning consultant, please contact us.