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Template-based for rapid development of the exact training you need. Free unlimited courses, managers, and authors.

The Future Of Online Learning

Delivering a repeatable learning process, FlexTraining gives you access to the power of online education at all levels of the organization without complex setup or coding. Scalable for companies and departments of all sizes, with immediate deployment and course delivery, the FlexTraining Universal Learning Platform is emerging as the world's most productive authoring, delivering and tracking solution.

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Which of These Describes Your Organization?

That's what many of our customers do. FlexTraining provides rapid authoring and tracking, using exiting materials such as text, PowerPoint, images, video, audio narrations, 3rd-party tools, even PDF's. Re-use existing content or create lessons on-the-fly. No technical skills are required. Watch a Short Demo to get started.

We are ready! Yes, we have course-building skills and we are happy to volunteer our creative services. You'll benefit from our experience with various training formats, delivery speeds, best practices, test methodologies, etc. If you like, we can create your first few courses and then you can easily make copies and take it from there. Ask for an estimate or send us your questions.

We understand - this is a common request. We have found, however, that what most customers really need is the means to deliver custom training that fits their requirements now and in the future. The ability to control current and future course content, and evolving online testing capabilities, is crucial. For a deeper look at these factors, please see this comparison between custom and canned online education.

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A FlexTraining VIP account gives you access to white papers, Powerpoints, demos, expert consultation and special pricing, and it's free.

How It works

We provide built-in templates, navigation, course wizards, flexible testing, activity tracking and learner-printable certificates. FlexTraining is easily customizable and fully scalable, and it works as well for 100 new employees or 50,000 learners around the world. Unlimited courses, enrollments, and managers.

A quick overview gives you a taste of what is possible in online training right now.

We are not just your supplier, we are your partner

World-Class Training Software with Low Fees

Streamlined training and testing with no technical skills required. And 20% of new customer revenue is donated to the Ronald McDonald House or the Wounded Warrior Project - your choice.

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Use Existing Media and Educational Material

Author new content or re-use existing training material. Utilize text, images, video, audio, PDF, PowerPoints, web pages, or Articulate files, or start from scratch. Turnkey solution or build your own courses.


Any Industry, Any Training Project

Elliot F.

Elliot F. Chief Learning Officer, Public Sector

We had tried the more complex, costly training tools. But the Universal Learning Platform provided by FlexTraining proved to be the answer. We were able to develop several courses very quickly, utilize various learning materials, and meet out budgets and deadlines.

Elaina R.

Elaina R. Director of Applications, EZELAUNCH

FlexTraining has set the standards for the industry; all others fall short of its quality and appearance.

Elaina R.

Nancy T. Vice President, Planning and Programs, Eldersouce

We had no idea that, by choosing FlexTraining, we would be getting both an outstanding application and the support of a dynamic team. It is obvious that they not only believe in their product but also take pride in the success of their consumers.

Our innovative Quick Start program gets you up and running immediately in your own online training center. Build your own courses from scratch or utilize existing material.

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Watch a short demo and see how FlexTraining works. Don't just take our word for it. Get some hands-on experience or launch your training site and start assembling on-demand courses.


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Our Management Center and Our Student Module are both secure, flexible, and easy to use. Take a quick look and go from there.

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Have your own private authoring, delivering and tracking system. Build actual courses and see how your material will look online.

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Learn about best E-learning practices, sensible strategies for developing online courses and the five most common E-learning mistakes.

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