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The FlexTraining Concept Streamline and Integrate

You need to create and track your company's compliance and skills training. But complex, rigid software and procedures are making it difficult. This is a common frustration for training managers and instructional designers. FlexTraining templates and lesson-generators make targeted training accessible to all parts of the enterprise.

Choices and Options

Training Types

There are several types of online training. Known as "use cases", they all fit FlexTraining.


Companies and organizations in all industries are discovering FlexTraining.

For The Enterprise

Since FlexTraining scales to fit any project, big companies can utilize cost-effective solutions.

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How It Works

How FlexTraining saves you time and money by utilizing existing material to form online courses.

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The five biggest mistakes training managers make
What To Do Next - Transforming Your E-Learning With FlexTraining

Create courses from existing materials

Use what you have; save time and money.

Global training delivery

Deliver training 24/7 anywhere in the world.

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Online Training: What You Need To Know

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Flexibility Means Freedom

Whether your build your own courses or we handle everything, you have flexibility:

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