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Virtual Training Future is Bright for SmartSuper Pty Ltd

Case Study - SmartSuper Pty Ltd, Australia

SmartSuper Pty. Ltd. (North Sydney, Australia) is a super fund aministrator that offers a comprehensive range of training, strategic planning, administration and compliance services to both businesses and individuals. SmartSuper is a full-service investment firm that handles all of the details surrounding investments so their customers can concentrate on making the right investment decisions.

SmartSuper was in the market for an economical, dynamic E-Learning software solution and purchased a FlexTraining Express license. They are transitioning from traditional classroom training and are in the process of launching several E-Learning initiatives.

For starters, they plan to take their new employee training virtual by creating a new hire orientation online training program. This program will include an introduction to the company, an industry synopsis and a company system overview. Each topic will include one to two courses.

Their next E-Learning endeavor will include a series of intermediate, job-specific training classes that are applicable to all staff within the designated positions. This project will graduate to a series of advanced, job-specific training classes that will be required continuing education for all senior staff, most likely on an annual basis.

Another series of courses pertaining to specialized topics will follow, some with time-sensitive completions and others with loosely structured completion time-lines. According to Joe Buttigieg, Training Director, "The hope is that when we have a new starter, we do not have a staff member out of action for the entire week training." Their E-Learning agenda is ambitious, launching all of the above training within the first 90 days. SuperSmart is confident their online training projects will save significant time for their training staff while empowering the existing staff to engage in learning on their own.

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