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Level 1: E-Learning Provider

Do you have a computer and an internet connection? Can you use a web-based interface with a standard web browser? You can be acquiring and servicing clients of all kinds, in all markets, and delivering valuable, strategic online training that saves them money and improves their employees' performance.

You already have the self-confidence and resiliancy which makes a successful entrepreneur. Now you will bring specific skills, valuable tools, and an experienced partner when you approach new clients or customers. If you can use a computer and web browser, you will quickly master the user-friendly template-based authoring framework provided in FlexTraining.

Course author

As the world of online training continues its amazing growth, you will be delivering custom courses to clients in any sector: manufacturing, retail, professional services, government, non-profit and more. You can sell unlimited courses and determine your own fee structure and timetables.

Becoming a Professional E-Learning Provider

This flexible franchise program gives you a complete professional training authoring and delivery environment, with 24/7 secure access. Utilize a wide variety of features that will benefit you and your clients, or keep it simple and build basic courses and quizzes. We'll help you find clients by providing industry contact lists, talking points, a proven sales process, and demo guidance. This program includes:

  • No experience necessary - we provide marketing documents, course-building strategies, a variety of templates, and a complete training system that works without programming. You don't need a technology or education background.
  • Our reliable complete FlexTraining framework with point-and-click configuration, full authoring, planning, progress tracking and reporting. The system operates "in the cloud" with integrated tracking and multi-level security, so you can focus on servicing your clients, not on technology.
  • Printable and/or mailable system and service information, such as white papers on Best Practices in Online Training and Reducing Training Costs, a 30-page Training Ideas Book, and more.
  • Course templates based on our intuitive Course/Lesson/Screen model, allowing you to drop in existing content and files you have already created. Leverage our individual learning templates for text, images, multimedia, exercises, narrations, YouTube clips, flexible testing and certificates.
  • Operating forms such as quotes, invoices, proposals, and coursebuilding strategies.
  • Printable marketing collateral, templates and documents so you do not need to re-invent the wheel.
  • Training on our 10-step simplified sales process, how to build online courses, and how to run tracking and analysis reports. Of course, you may use your own selling process and techniques. Your professional training practice can be as simple or as sophisticated as you decide to make it.
  • Flexible hours and location. You can work from home as long as you have internet acess, or utilize a minimal office space.
  • Technical support and guidance from our internal training experts to keep you up and running, and earning revenue. Follow our proven strategies and best practices to keep yourself productive and profitable.
  • Flexible hours and location. You can work from home as long as you have internet acess, or utilize a minimal office space.
  • Mentoring and guidance from experienced course-builders, systems engineers, and professionals experienced at selling online courses and training projects.
  • Built-in integrated E-commerce capabilities so you can generate revenue from web visitors and customers needing standardized training.
  • A six-month "success checkup", performed six months after you start, to insure quality standards and best practices, and to you specific suggestions for improving your professional practice.
  • The Level 1 Franchise, E-Learning Provider, is priced at $24,900, with minimal operating fees to cover tech support as you grow your business.

The Value You Receive With A Level One Franchise

Unlimited FlexTraining License  $49,000 value
Tech Support and Upgrades For an Unlimited License  $11,750 value
Premium System Hosting For an Unlimited License  $30,750 value
Total Value  $91,500 value

How can we provide all this value for $24,900? Because your success is our success. We keep your costs low when you are starting out, and grow with you as you add learners, enrollments, and revenue.

Add in mentoring, course development guidance, working documents and templates, and a six-month Quality Checkup that comes with the Level One franchise and you see why response to the franchise program has been so strong, and why we have to limit the program to five new franchisees per month.

Non-exclusive and selected exclusive franchise arrangements are being allocated now.


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E-Learning Providers Enjoy a Simple Business Model

After your initial franschise fee, you are all set to start delivering professional E-Learning to your clients. If you already have a computer and an internet conection, you will have no new infrastructure or technology expenses. Besides a $2 per learner per month ongoing support fee, there are no other costs.