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Level 2: E-Learning Distributor

Are you interested in running a full-spectrum sales and service business? Would you like to be part of the dynamic, growing E-Learning industry, working with companies and organizations of all sizes to save them money and improve their operations? The Level 2 FlexTraining franchise program lets you not only provide online training and related services, it also sets you up as a licensed distributor of the popular FlexTraining E-Learning system. You will have the choice of selling a system and/or providing interactive professional online courses, depending on each of your clients' needs.

Almost anyone can master the user-friendly template-based authoring framework provided in FlexTraining.

Becoming a Professional E-Learning Distributor

Step up to Level 2 and add the ability to sell a proven E-Learning system to your clients and customers. In addition to providing services like strategic planning, course-development and E-Learning management, you can now provide a full behind-the-firewall solution. You will have a sales opportunity and an ongoing services practice. This program includes:

  • Our reliable complete FlexTraining framework with full authoring, planning, progress tracking and reporting. The FlexTraining system operates "in the cloud" with integrated authoring, e-commerce and multi-level security, so you can focus on servicing your clients, not on technology.
  • Printable and/or mailable marketing collateral, such as white papers on Best Practices in Online Training and Reducing Training Costs, a 30-page Training Ideas Book, and more.
  • Course templates based on our intuitive Course/Lesson/Screen model, allowing you to drop in existing content and files you have already created. Leverage our individual learning templates for text, images, multimedia, exercises, narrations, YouTube clips, flexible testing and certificates. Everything is optional.
  • Course templates, operating forms such as quotes, invoices, proposals, and coursebuilding strategies so you can hit the ground running.
  • Additional valuable sales materials, such as our 50-page FlexTraining Info Book, a mailable Quick Reference Card, guidelines for conducting demonstrations, a detailed 10-step proven sales methodology, our FlexTraining Sales 101 primer, and a detailed System Features Comparison Workheet.
  • Training on our 10-step simplified sales process, how to build online courses, and how to run tracking and analysis reports. Of course, you may use your own selling process and techniques. Your professional training practice can be as simple or as sophisticated as you decide to make it.
  • Flexible hours and location. You can work from home as long as you have internet acess, or utilize a minimal office space.
  • Technical support and guidance from our internal training experts to keep you productive, and earning revenue. Follow our proven strategies and best practices to keep yourself productive and profitable.
  • The right to sell the actual FlexTraining system to your customers in any industry, as a behind-the-firewall training system and/or as a cloud-based solution.
  • Sales support - including up to three industry contacts lists, demo scripts and strategies, tactics, and an organized process developed through years of direct FlexTraining sales to the marketplace.
  • First or second-level technical support for your customers from our internal system experts, to keep them up and running.
  • The Level 2 Franchise, E-Learning Distributor, is priced at $49,900. You retain 70% of each sale's revenue, and 30% is payable to us. This 30% sales commission covers our ongoing software development and operating costs, and support/upgrades annual fees (which are paid to us by the end customer) cover tech support, sales support and system upgrades as you grow your business. Exclusive territories are available.


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E-Learning Distributors Have Access to Greater Markets

You will do some prospecting, but we'll provide the know-how and sales collateral, and even a sales contact list from a professional source to help you get started. Imagine selling a proven, flexible E-Learning package for $10,000 to $50,000, and being able to keep 70% of the license fee, with FlexTraining providing the technical support afterward. Recapture your entire franchise fee in just a few sales. And of course you can provide professional services after the sale.