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Making Money With FlexTraining

Predicting Your Return On Investment

As an entrepreneur, you want to generate a strong income and predictable revenues. Here you can do some "what if" forecasting. Feel free to play with the numbers and see what income you will have under various assumptions.

You might create revenue mainly by building courses and charging fees to individual students using the FlexTraining e-commerce features. Or you may have one or more clients who pay you to create libraries of online courses for them to use to train their employees. Both of these methods are good business models.

  1. In the first column below, enter the number of courses you plan to sell and the fee you expect to charge each learner, along with the forecast number of students who would enroll in each course. Of course these are just your projections.
  2. Then, use the second column to add revenue you will create by performing fee-based E-Learning projects for your clients.
  3. And in the third column you would enter the expected total number of learners you will keep in your database in a typical month. You would generally put the total number of students you are training in this field, unless you plan to delete students after their training.

It is important to understand that this is a forecasting model, and you should adjust your estimates for various scenarios, and observe the results. The table below shows a $24,900 franchise fee. (Your fees may vary significantly - Please ask us). Be sure to inquire about about special incentives for new start-ups with limited budgets.

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