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Build a business creating online courses. We provide EVERYTHING you need.

Full Time or Part Time

Work according to your own availability. In the modern economy, a flexible schedule is key to a professional lifestyle.

Home Based or Office Based

As long as you have a desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection, you are good to go.

No Experience Required

If you can create a PowerPoint presentation, then you can be delivering fee-based online courses to clients in any industry. And you can do it without any kind of programming or complicated setup. In fact, our course wizards let you generate online training from a PowerPoint slide collection on your own computer. It's a snap!

Enter the World of Business Ownership

Is it time to launch your own business? We provide a business plan template and expert advice and guidance all along the way. we also set up a complete E-Learning platform for you to track your activity and profits. This program is available to individuals and existing companies.

Best Franchise With Special Financing Available

Looking for a franchise opportunity with growth potential but not interested in serving food or cleaning offices? Join the dynamic professional online training industry. Control your own destiny and your own schedule, while delivering a high-value service to companies and organizations of all sizes.

Franchise tools

Author courses in PowerPoint or other formats

Franchise profits

Drop into FlexTraining for delivery and tracking