Optional Message Board Server

FlexTraining Message Board Server

The FlexTraining Message Board Server provides a 24-hour asynchronous collaboration and interaction venue for your online learning participants.  "Asynchronous" means that your learners do not have to be on-line at the same time to interact.  A robust Message Board adds another dimension to your organization's e-Learning experience.

A Message Board is also known as a "user forum" or a "threaded discussion group."  The FlexTraining Message Board Server contains no Java code, requires no programming to set up and operate and has configurable automated maintenance features.  It requires no additional system components or hardware.

Simply check a box in the FlexTraining point-and-click Configuration Wizard to activate your Message Board Server.  Individual Message Boards will automatically be created for each course you create.  Additionally, user logins are established and processed seamlessly and automatically for each student.


  • Provides asynchronous collaboration and interaction between students, or between students and instructors, or among instructors if needed
  • Message Boards are totally integrated into the FlexTraining architecture, security, menus, database
  • Customer-configurable without programming or complex setup
  • Automatic creation of private message boards as courses are built in FlexTraining Course Builder
  • Multiple message boards may be created per class, as determined by your administrator
  • Other configurable features to provide a streamlined management process without administrative effort