Advanced e-Learning Software Suite Now Shipping

Tampa, FL - December 1, 2003

The FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution TM is now available for the first time with integrated collaboration tools, data importing technology, and multi-server consolidated reporting. In addition, the FlexTraining product itself, now at version 4.2, adds an impressive list of system enhancements.

New for release 4.2 of this best-of-breed e-Learning solution are wizard-based system configuration, course creation, and scheduling, a web-based Utilities menu, online diagnostics, new streamlined user interfaces, simplified skills management, enhanced reporting and analysis, time logging, a "teachers lounge" interaction facility for instructors, and a host of other enhancements designed to simplify management of this already easy-to-use software.

All of the new complementary products are totally integrated into the FlexTraining database and web-native menu structure. They include a Message Board server that supports multiple message boards, and a Chat server for synchronous interaction. Also available are an import facility for capturing transactions from an external courseware system, and a consolidated reporting module which reaches across the network to aggregate information from multiple FlexTraining sites and offers a consistent reporting interface for summarized or detailed reporting.

FlexTraining is a complete Learning Management System that works with any web browser over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. It lets customers author, build, deliver, and manage custom online training and testing over a local or distributed network.

The complete suite of e-Learning tools means that companies can now acquire their entire e-Learning solution from one vendor. Customers can get everything they need in one flexible, easy-to-use integrated package, rather than needing to develop interfaces to tie together authoring and management products from various developers

With FlexTraining, customers use our unique IntelliSet TM technology to dynamically adapt the menus and software to their specific needs, without programming. FlexTraining also comes with complete source code, for customers who need to customize their system beyond the considerable flexibility offered by the standard product.

Concurrent with this software release, FlexTraining is now offered as an online service, called "Login & Go". The new online training center means customers can have their own completely private training center, without hosting or managing an e-Learning system.

This release greatly expands the utility of this already-powerful e-Learning solution. For more information, including an online demonstration, proceed to the More Info section.

New Feature Highlights:

System Configuration, Course Builder and Scheduling Wizards

The FlexTraining administrator can now manage system behaviors, enable and disable software features, and build and schedule courses using a tabbed wizard layout. For example, the new interface streamlines the process of course creation by letting the course developer add just the pieces he or she needs, in a logical sequence.

Web Based Utilities Menu

FlexTraining now includes a menu of management and diagnostics designed to offer easy system management. Included are features to selectively delete courses and students, check the completeness of each course, verify system integrity, and other useful tools.

Streamlined Learner Interface

The Learner Interface or "Student Menu" is now contained in a very thin frame within the learner's web browser, providing almost the complete width of the browser itself for learning material. This narrower menu structure allows for a course developer to more easily fit pre-packaged learning content into the learning frame, and to author lessons that pack more knowledge-related content on the screen.

Time Logging and Reporting

Certain training situations require that the system track how long a learner spends in each section of learning content, and how long each online assessment takes. FlexTraining now provides time logging and reporting to facilitate this requirement. Time Logging may be enabled with a single mouse-click, or disabled for customers who do not need to collect this information. Flexible report filtering allows reporting by student or by course, and offers a summarized or detailed format.

Teachers Lounge

FlexTraining has always included an Instructor, which may be used as needed. Instructors may be assigned to classes, or a given class may be totally self-paced. For environments that utilize Instructors, a new Teachers Lounge Facility allows collaboration between Instructors in the form of Chat & Message Board, e-Mail, or the free exchange of documents through an online library.

Customer Portal

A new web-based portal, accessible only to FlexTraining customers, is also being launched. The Customer Portal will include, among other items, a searchable Knowledge Base that can provide instant resolution of commonly asked questions and issues. The portal will be available 24/7, and is expected to be particularly helpful for international customers whose time zone is several hours offset from the US time zones.

Optional Complementary Products

FlexTraining now offers the following add-on products, which are totally integrated into the FlexTraining architecture, and are available for an additional fee. Check out the links below for more information.

Enhanced VAR Program Launched

Online Development has announced the launch of the FlexPartnersT support program for its global network of Value Added Resellers. These VAR's sell and service the popular FlexTrainingT Web Based Learning Management System across the US and in locations around the world.

Membership in the FlexPartners support program is free of charge for every FlexTraining VAR, including existing VAR's and those who sign up in the future.

FlexTraining is a complete online Learning Management System which works with any Web Browser over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. The FlexTraining software helps customers build, deliver, and manage custom Online Training over an internal or external network.

The centerpiece of the FlexPartners program is the FlexPartners VAR Support web site, located at www.FlexPartners.net. The FlexPartners web site features sales tips, demo scripts, marketing materials, sample documents and contracts, and everything else a VAR needs to be successful in selling FlexTraining profitably.

"We realized this year that we may not have done everything possible to support our VAR network in the past", said Online Development General Manager Scott Cochran. "FlexPartners represents a complete tool set, and our commitment to help insure that every VAR can perform at the maximum possible level".

A dedicated manager for the FlexPartners program has also been appointed, providing a single point of contact for all VAR's. The FlexPartners program also offers an online searchable Knowledge Base for installation support.

FlexTraining VAR's earn revenue in two primary ways: Sales Commission and after-sale services.  According to Cochran, "The real revenue opportunity for the VAR is in helping the customer set up and manage the system, and in creating custom training content using tools like Flash, Authorware or Front Page."

FlexTraining comes with complete Source Code, accommodating VAR's whose customers demand system customization beyond the considerable flexibility offered by FlexTraining's many configuration options.

Online Development has been developing web-based solutions since 1995, and has been marketing the FlexTraining Learning Management System since 1998.

Online training tools are well past the stage of merely delivering web pages for students to read. The best systems feature remote signup, online testing, course guides, and web-based administration. FlexTraining is a powerful, easy-to-use, full-featured Online Learning Solution.

For more information, see the FlexTraining Software web site.