Advanced e-Learning Management System Now Available

Tampa, FL - September 19, 2001

For the first time, the FlexTrainingT e-Learning Management System is now available with a fully-integrated content authoring tool. Online Development announces the release of FlexTraining version 4, which includes a flexible authoring tool and several other major enhancements.

FlexTraining is a complete Learning Management System which works with any web browser over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. It lets customers build, deliver, and manage custom online training and testing over a local or distributed network.

The new authoring tool means that companies can acquire their entire e-Learning solution from one vendor. "Our customers have always preferred to have a one-source solution, rather than integrating products from various developers", said Scott Cochran, General Manager of Online Development and an experienced developer of online training software. "Now they can get everything they need in one flexible, easy-to-use package."

The authoring tool accommodates basic content like HTML and images, as well as more complex material like Flash and streaming video. It also provides user-defined question-and-answer interactions that feature multimedia pop-up messages. FlexTraining itself is capable of managing any type of web-deliverable content, including Word, PowerPoint, HTML, video, Flash, and even custom material built with external authoring systems.

With FlexTraining, customers use "System Options" to quickly adapt the software to their specific needs, without programming. FlexTraining also comes with complete source code, for customers who need to customize their system beyond the considerable flexibility offered by numerous configuration options.

Online training tools are well past the stage of merely delivering web pages for students to read. Like FlexTraining, the best systems feature remote signup, online testing, curriculum planning, and web-based administration and reporting.

This release greatly expands the utility of this flexible e-Learning solution. For more information, including an online demonstration, proceed to the Getting Started section.

Major New Features:

1. FlexTraining Content Authoring Tool

FlexTraining's new Authoring Tool is completely integrated with the rest of the Learning Management System, and can structure course content that includes text, images, Flash movies, streaming video, learner interactions, and user-defined colors and fonts.

2. Dynamic Multimedia Messaging

User-defined table of "message items" which pop-up when student chooses answers to authored review questions. Message items may be JavaScript alerts, text messages, video, audio, or Flash movies. Messaging works with the FlexTraining Authoring Tool and also integrates with "hot spot" content created in 3rd-party authoring formats.

3. Full-Screen mode with Control Pad

For training content which requires a full-size display window, students can activate full-screen mode, with a floating Control Pad window providing access to all menu options.

Use of the new Control Pad is completely optional and is available to online learners at all times.

4. Enhanced Testing Management

FlexTraining Version 4 gives the Course Administrator more flexibility in defining testing parameters. An optional Test Clock lets the Administrator set a time limit for completion of each test. A second timer may also be set to provide a warning to the student a few minutes before the allowed time expires.

Fill-in-the-blank tests are now supported along with the standard Multiple Choice format. Additionally, the test designer may automatically direct students who fail a test to an external URL for further learning. All options may be defined for each specific test.

5. Classroom Activity Tracking

Customers can now use training curriculum which mixes on-line and classroom training and can track student activity for both types of learning through FlexTraining. Classroom activity reporting is completely integrated with web-based training, and may be used to fulfill pre-requisite or certification requirements.

Like most FlexTraining features, use of Classroom Activity Tracking is completely optional.

Other Enhancements:

Course Prerequisites - Student must pass all prerequisite courses before enrolling.

Automatic Enrollment on Import - Administrator can choose classes into which all Imported Students will be automatically enrolled. Reduces Administrator workload for common classes.

Detailed Student Profile Reporting - Student's Learner Profile screen now includes individual course-by-course test scores.

Enhanced Enrollment Catalog - Allows Student choosing a course to see a course syllabus for each class before enrolling.

Enhanced System Check - Additional checks and verifications have been made to this online feature that verifies the completeness of each customer's configuration and setup.