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FlexTraining Version 6.5 Now Available

National Training Systems has just released the new Version 6.5 of its universal and adaptable FlexTraining Learning Management System. The newest edition of FlexTraining has a modernized look and feel and a streamlined course authoring facility, and much more.

This release will be known in the E-Learning platform market as the version where FlexTraining became "responsive". The term "responsive" is a web software industry buzzword that means the user interface expands and contracts according to the monitor display size. No longer will FlexTraining users see their online tools occupying the middle of their screens while wide margins are displayed on both sides. The new responsive design allows for larger images and text, and more information on-screen, as well as a more modern look and feel.

"If you are using one of the newer large wide-screen monitors you will definitely notice a big difference", said Scott Cochran, the company's president. "And the better utilization of screen space allowed us to redesign the integrated course authoring tools to make the process easier to follow. I think our customers will be pleased".

"Most importantly, we have streamlined our features and processes, resulting in less code and less complexity under the covers. What this gives us is a clean platform for future growth, including the addition of new features as customers and the market demand them. Sometimes old features need to go away to make room for future enhancements and design improvements."

The overhauled course authoring facility includes a new "thumbnailing" process which eliminates delays which can occur when creating a large number of new lessons. Thumbnailing makes the system more user-friendly, but can be resource intensive. Users now control when thumbnails are created, resulting in quicker course development. With some FlexTraining customers deploying hundreds of online courses, this will deliver significant improvement.

In the area of modernizing FlexTraining, the system can now deliver alerts and progress notifications via SMS (text message) in addition to e-mail. This reflects a growing preference, especially among younger users. There have also been improvements in the FlexTraining platform's reporting capabilities.

Customers and interested parties can check out the new screen layouts at https://www.flextraining.com/demo.

The previous release, Version 6.4, was loaded with individual feature improvements, which are referenced below.

FlexTraining Version 6.4 Enhancements

  1. PDF Export of reports, certificates, and transcripts
  2. Time Log Targeting - Accumulation of hours towards a goal, good for CEU credits.
  3. Virtual Attendance / Sign in sheet - for classroom style courses.
  4. Student import visual enhancements
  5. True Randomization on tests. An expansion of our existing 'item banking' shuffles the questions prior to delivery.
  6. Students ability to login with either Email or User Name
  7. Student Merge - join 2 accounts into one.
  8. Students ability to Save their Password on login page.
  9. iPad / Tablet optimized student module
  10. New Checkbox test question format ("check all that apply")
  11. Self Select Hierarchy option - option to allow students to choose their own hierarchy level
  12. Virtual Gradebook Enhancement -better user interface; ability to manage test attempts
  13. MultiBranding Module - allows multiple login pages, branded differently, with different administrators, default hierarchy settings