FlexTraining Version 5.3 Released

Tampa , FL - November 15, 2007

Online Development has released the newest version of the FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution, version 5.3. This state-of-the-art version of FlexTraining includes management-side improvements including an integrated PowerPoint-to-Flash web-based tool, multi-language CD export, test question duplication and numerous reporting and analysis enhancements. The updated student-side module offers a class due date calendar and warning system, course archiving, user editable fonts and colors and added demographic fields.

The innovative learning management software powers training to more than one million students worldwide and can be customized to meet the online training needs of virtually any type of industry while ensuring secure access and top-down, designated levels of authorization and system admittance. The built-in address book function boosts internal and external communcation, while the point-and-click setup screens allow administrators to select features that are tailored to meet the needs of online learners.

The new multi-lingual CD export complements the recent multi-language feature that has accelerated the expansion of FlexTraining in both domestic and international markets. The language flexibility allows users to introduce limitless foreign languages, including local variations and dialects, and is designed to support workplace diversity while maintaining simplicity and flexibility on the part of the system manager.

Enhancements for FlexTraining Version 5.3:

Integrated PowerPoint to Flash: The integrated Microsoft PowerPoint-to-Flash converter provides instant transformation of your PowerPoint presentations into the versatile Flash movie format. This built-in, no fuss feature is built into the FlexTraining Media Library and also handles PowerPoint animations and audio narrations. For installations on the customer's server, the converter feature requires a third-party product, the FlashSpring Server tool from CPS labs.

Enhanced FlexAuthoring Editing Tools: The enhanced edit function of the integrated FlexAuthoring tool allows expanded text editing capabilities, including comprehensive font manipulation and sizing, text alignment and select highlighting.

Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ) Editor: The CSS editing tool enables administrators and course designers to customize the look and feel of their online training environment. Provides ability to brand screen appearance with corporate colors and fonts.

Student Demographic Tracking: Additional student data fields (race, gender, age, educational level) improve organizational demographic tracking and reporting. This constructive feature includes an on/off option to capture the desired level of preferred, statistical analysis.

Class End Date: Monitor enrollment and course completion with the preprogrammed, "hard stop" due dates for student access and enrollment.

Enhanced Custom Reporting: Multiple, integrated data filters provide sorting options that allow true, detailed analysis. Design blueprint and repetitive reports to target on-going business intelligence, and create ad hoc reports to augment enterprise functions.

Automatic Course Completion Data Archiving: Automatically archives student data for courses completed over one year from current date. This new data warehousing feature removes aging completed courses from student home pages yet allows learners easy viewing of the entire file with just one click.

Address Book Links: Keep select managers and personnel apprised of student and program progress through the FlexTraining linked address book function.

Bulk Manager Assignment Tool: Protect proprietary student information with the bulk manager assignment tool. Assign students to cosseted manager databases and ensure sensitive training information is available to designated individuals only.

Advanced Testing Options: Tailor your course evaluations to include multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions, or a combination of both, on a question-by-question basis.

Flexible Promotion and Discount Codes: Offer percentage-based promo coupons and discount codes on a percentage basis rather than a flat amount.

Course Hierarchy: Ensure your training programs and lesson content are secure through the course hierarchy feature. Establish access to or blockage from course lists for management center users based upon defined authorization levels.

Multi-Language CD Export: Classes can be exported and burned onto CD in your choice of languages for portability for use offsite and offline.

Class Calendar Warning System: Alert students to class enrollment, due dates and expiration dates via the color-coded warning system.

Dynamic Date Formatting: Students can create default date formatting to reflect local configuration norms (examples: January 8, 2008 , 01/08/2008 , 08/01/2008 ).

Class Completion Certificate: Students have the ability to print a certificate of completion after the class is completed successfully.

Test Answer Display: Students have the option to view correct test answers and an explanation once the test is passed.

Student Module Branding Backgrounds: Designated background image with selected links moving to the top of the screen overlaying the image.

Consolidated File Chooser Windows: Pop-up windows throughout the Management Center allow user to select or upload files using the same ASP pages and parameters for improved consistency and maintainability.

Completion Data Entry for Classroom Classes: Provides "after-the-fact" ability to enter a completion date when a manager is validating a class as being completed.

Test Question Duplicator: Utility to copy a set of questions from an existing test to a new test, either in the same course or in a different course.

Email Matrix Tied to Managers Database: Allows administrator to choose a manager to receive email notifications.

External Web Page Content Template: Screen author can now use an outside web page or web resource as the body of an authored Learning Screen, complete with status bar, book-marking and navigation.

Enhanced CD Export Navigation: Allows courses exported to CD to provide navigation from a Learning Screen to the next lesson.

Additional Video Formats: In addition to AVI , WMV and Flash, new supported formats include .mov (Quicktime), .rm and ram (Real Player).

Look-ahead Report Generation: For reports that tend to produce lengthy content, the system looks ahead and counts the records that will appear on the report.

Hierarchy Filtering by Course: Uses user-defined organization hierarchy data to restrict reporting content to authorized courses.

Enhanced Skill Group Reporting: Updated skill group reporting to improve screen layout and add more filters.

System-wide Performance Enhancements: Structural and coding enhancements designed to handle large volume data with faster display and processing were implemented. Includes predefined data fields, tabbed management screens, imbedded IFRAME elements to conserve screen space and reduced database hits.

Other Enhancements for Previous FlexTraining Version (5.2):

Email Target Matrix: The new Email Target Matrix management screen gives managers the power to define who gets e-mail when events like enrollments and course completions occur. Email can be generated automatically to students, instructors, managers or any user-defined address.

Student Progress: Visual student progress tracking now shows graphic progress indicators of section and test completions.

Content Development Strategies: The new section on the Courses menu provides guidance, tips and examples related to building learning content and understanding various file formats.

Enhanced CD Export Utility: CD Export Utility can now handle all FlexAuthoring Learning Screen template types, plus content that is not authored.

Bulk Un-enroll: The new Bulk Un-enroll function on the Utilities menu speeds the process of removing a large number of enrolled students from a class.

Subscription Manager Tool: The improved editing tool now allows the system manager to edit the course subscription dates for a specific student's enrollment in a class.

License Usage Indicator: The Counter and Indicator on the Management Home Page Shows the percentage of student capacity that is in use and encourages upsizing when needed.

Bulk Enrollment Copying: A quick and easy process was created to copy all enrollments from one class to another class.

Visual Course and Test Builder: Enhanced Visual Course Builder allows the visual revision of test questions and rapid editing of test question sequence.

FlexAuthoring Usability: The FA update added a wide variety of improvements to reduce keystrokes and clicks, to simplify text entry and to allow the addition/removal of Learner Exercises on existing screens.

FlexAuthoring Screen Copy: Speeds up course building by allowing authors to copy learning screens from one FA course to another course with the click of a button.

Miscellaneous: A cross section of numerous improvements to usability and utility in reporting, course evaluations, media library filtering, course building, test creation, promotional discounts, screen personalization and student maintenance.

FlexTraining is a complete Learning Management System that works with any web browser over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. It lets customers author, build, deliver and manage custom online training and testing over a local or distributed network. For more information on this online training tool , visit www.flextraining.com or call 1-888-957-7771.