FlexTraining 5.1 Released

Tampa, FL - November 21, 2005

Online Development has announced the release of the newest version of the FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution, version 5.1. This advanced version delivers visual course-building tools, CBT compatibility and increased ease-of-use as well as flexibility when designing training programs.

This industry-leading learning management software has several major enhancements to the administrative and student modules. The software can now be custom configured for individual learners and allows managers to choose which features are available to online students. An enhanced Help system includes information pop-ups for managers and a tutorial for new students.

For system managers tasked with developing online courses and learning content, FlexTraining now offers a choice of integrated tools. Users now have two methods for building courses, a table method and visual method. The table method lays out the courses and their elements side by side allowing course authors to organize and build courses in the traditional manner.

The other toolset, the new Visual Course Builder, lays out course sections and learning screens graphically, providing a visual workspace for adding, editing and sequencing course content. The table-based and visual tools may be used interchangeably to create and maintain online courses.

Either toolset will save course developers significant development time by allowing them to use training material previously created in applications such as Word, Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint or third-party authoring software. The tightly-integrated portfolio of development and management tools has the goal of providing one-stop shopping to companies of all sizes embarking on e-Learning projects.

Other key features for FlexTraining 5.1 are as follows:

Enhanced Navigation : There is now an option to use text or icons on the course navigation allowing administrators to further customize their courses' appearance. Learners will also have the option of going from one section to another without having to return to the main course page which will create an overall better flow.

New Users Pop-up Demo : Administrators will have the option of having a student tutorial automatically open the first time users enter the student module. The tutorial will aide students that are unfamiliar with FlexTraining and will explain how to use the student module and how to start taking courses.

Test Out Function : If administrators wish, learners can be exempt from a course and its test if they successfully complete a pre-test. If this test is passed, the student is determined to know the material and they don't have to view any of the sections or take the final. They automatically get the competed markers and the pretest score for their final exam.

CD Export of Classes : Classes can be exported and burned onto CD to be portable for use offsite and offline.

Help Pop-ups: Pops-ups have been created for administration users to assist them with areas that are more complex. These pop-ups will enable users to work quickly without having to reference their users' guide or call support.

Certificate Builder : Class certificates can be built online, customized to a class and saved for future use. Certificate templates are available or you can build your own. The new certificate builder lets you control the look and materials can be designed to be consistent with your company's branding

Waiting List for Full Courses : Students will now be able to sign up for a waiting list for courses that are full with the maximum amount of students. If another learner is removed from the course, the system will automatically enroll the next student in line and notify them via email saving managers a few steps in the process.

Max Enrollment Email Notification : Administrators will be notified via email once a class has reached its maximum enrollment. Then administrators can decide if they want to increase the size and they will be aware that the new Waiting List functionality will be activated.

Single Student Activity Report : Now you can easily glance at an individual's student profile and see all of their activity for a particular class.

Viewable Test Results : An option has been added that allows student to review their test results once they pass a test or have run out of attempts. This feature gives students the opportunity to further review the material.

Management Center Access Log : The system will keep track of login history for users on the administration side and note if any system configuration changes were made. This is ideal when several managers are utilizing the administrative module. A login history will pinpoint system changes.

Disable Right-click Option : You may now disable a student's right click option to protect course content by eliminating learners ability to copy text and images.

Student Options : Administrators can decide whether course learners will have the ability to search for other classes in the catalog, whether they can view/edit their profile and whether or not learners will have the ability to use the calendar tool.

Default Self Enroll Hierarchy Level: Managers may select a default hierarchy level for all new self enroll students (if self enroll is allowed) insuring that all new learners are on the same level.

Student Login Page Layout Option: You can now customize the student login page graphics with either a company logo or your own banner type design.

Course Assignments Sequence : Assignments may now be placed within the structure of the actual course sections and they will be visible in the course outline.

FlexTraining is a complete Learning Management System that works with any web browser over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. It lets customers author, build, deliver and manage custom online training and testing over a local or distributed network. For more information on this online training tool visit www.flextraining.com or call 1-888-957-7771.