Next Generation e-Learning Now Available

Tampa, FL - November 30, 2004

The FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution (TM) is now available with support for multiple course authors, instructors and managers with an impressive array of advanced features. Online learners now have immediate access to a flexible portfolio of user-friendly tools such as instant enrollment, course search, and dynamic skills tracking. Totally new interfaces for managers and learners lend a professional, consistent feel to this world-class integrated learning system.

Other benefits include an advanced testing format, which provides an alternative delivery of content-based test questions, such as software simulations or multimedia, and "hot spot" exercises. Like almost every feature in FlexTraining, users are offered a choice as to whether to use a simple format or one with more flexibility. In keeping with the design philosophy that has kept FlexTraining in the forefront of e-Learning for over seven years, the latest FlexTraining version is easy to learn and straightforward to use.

FlexTraining is a complete Learning Management System, which works with any web browser over the Internet or a corporate intranet. It lets customers author, build, deliver and manage custom online training and testing over a local or distributed network.

The availability of this well-rounded suite of e-Learning tools means that companies can now acquire their entire e-Learning solution from one vendor, in one flexible, easy-to-use integrated package. Previously, customers would have to develop interfaces to tie together authoring and management products from various sources.

With FlexTraining customers can instantly and dynamically adapt the menus and software to their specific needs, without programming. FlexTraining also comes with complete source code, for customers who need to customize their system beyond the considerable flexibility offered by the standard product.

FlexTraining is also offered as an online service, called "Login & Go". The online training center means customers can have their own completely private training center, without hosting or managing an e-Learning system. And customers who later decide to bring their training environment "in-house" can transfer their FlexTraining system to their own server without losing any student or course data.

Enhancements for FlexTraining version 5.0:

New Student Interface

FlexTraining now offers a completely re-designed user interface for FlexTraining learners with a secure, private login, which is based on name, e-mail address or employee number.

Personal Student Home Page

When a student logs in, a new home page shows all his enrolled, completed and available courses. Also provided is a menu of his training plan and required courses, if the Skills Management feature is active, allowing one-click registration and status checking.

News and Updates

A news feature lets a student quickly see all news items and announcements for the courses he is enrolled in at that time.

Course Finder Search Feature

From a secure home page, a student can now search for available courses by keyword, using the description of the course.

Calendar and Daily Tasks

An online calendar maintains a task list, per day, as input by the student. The calendar display highlights days with assigned tasks and/or courses start dates.

Student Profile Edit with Password Change

A new screen allows the student, from the home page, to edit his profile information and change his password as needed.

"Forgot Password" Helper

If a student forgets his password, the system can e-mail it to him,.

Customizable Logo & Site Name

FlexTraining now provides an easy way for a manager to customize the student module appearance, simply by selecting a different logo and site name.

Multiple Management Roles

This feature provides individual user assignment of permissions for the Management Module, with completely flexible assignment of permissions and access to system tools (like authoring, planning and reporting), based on the role defined for that user.

Multi-level Organization Hierarchy

When activated, this option provides a user-defined hierarchy of departments or locations, with filtered reporting and course enrollment permissions based on position of learner within the user-defined hierarchy.

Direct Bulk Enrollment

FlexTraining now allows an authorized manager to instantly enroll any existing student, or group of students, in any class at any time.

SCORM Tracking

SCORM run-time tracking and reporting allows the use of external third-party "SCORM" learning content. SCORM objects may be use alongside other types of files and learning content.

Multi-format Testing

A new testing feature allows either all-at-one tests or one-question-per-screen testing with multimedia items in each question and optional hot-spot-click answers.

Comprehensive Help System

New help features include text, a basic quick tour, multimedia demos, a set of "How Do I" examples,and a complete online management guide.

Additional Usability Enhancements

Version 5.0 adds dozens of other enhancements designed to enhance usability and expand on the user-friendly nature of FlexTraining software.

Other recently Added Features and Tools:

System Configuration, Course Builder and Scheduling Wizards

A customer can now manage system behaviors, enable and disable software features, and build and schedule courses using a point-and-click layout. For example, a new interface streamlines the process of course creation by letting the course developer add just the pieces he or she needs in a logical sequence.

Web Based Utilities Menu

FlexTraining now includes a menu of management and diagnostics designed to offer easy system management. Included are features to selectively delete courses and students, check the completeness of each course, verify system integrity and other useful tools.

Time Logging and Reporting

Certain training situations require that the system track how long a learner spends in each section of learning content, and how long each online knowledge assessment takes. FlexTraining now provides time logging and reporting to facilitate this requirement. Time logging may be enabled with a single mouse-click or disabled for customers who do not need to collect this information. Flexible report filtering allows reporting by student or by course and offers a summarized or detailed format.

Teachers Lounge

FlexTraining has always included an instructor menu, which may be used as needed. Instructors may be assigned to classes or a given class may be totally self-paced. For customers who choose to utilize instructors, a new Teachers Lounge Facility allows collaboration between instructors in the form of a chat and message boards, email or the free exchange of documents through an online library.

Customer Portal

A new web-based portal, accessible only to FlexTraining customers, is now in place. The Customer Portal includes, among other items, a searchable Knowledge Base, which can provide instant resolution of commonly asked questions and issues. The portal is be available 24/7 and is particularly helpful for international customers whose time zone is several hours offset from the U.S. time zones.