FlexTraining Version 6.1 Now Shipping

Tampa , FL ? May 24, 2010

National Training Systems is now shipping Version 6.1, the newest release of the FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution. The updated version of this universally used E-Learning system includes numerous enhancements and changes that add value and promote ease-of-use to its extensive base of existing global users, as well as prospective customers evaluating the benefits, efficiencies and economies of implementing an online training initiative.

Primary to the list of enhancements is the .NET-based reporting module, which is based in ASP.NET architecture, and streamlines and expedites the numerous and varied reporting functions. Another significant addition is the overhaul of the Skill Groups feature, which allows Administrators and Students to enroll, enter courses and email from this unique, core system function. Additional improvements give Administrators the ability to archive courses in their entirety for easy access, generate student transcripts, customize password policies and use email notification warning students of approaching due dates.

FlexTraining is a market leader with a proven, cost-effective online learning solution that powers training to more than one million students worldwide. FlexTraining is loaded with easy-to-use features and can be customized to meet the online training needs of every industry and scope of learners. This total E-learning solution offers a secure, hosted environment with complete, integrated menus and a robust reporting function. It offers an integrated set of learning screens and authoring tools along with a built-in help system and best practices instructional program.

The FlexTraining Learning Management System is SCORM compliant and offers a SCORM module that meets the requirements of the online training industry standards and regulations. Numerous other developments round out the new and updated release and are noted in the table below.

Enhancements for FlexTraining Version 6.1:



.NET based reports

Added a reporting module based in ASP.NET for faster reporting.

Integrated SCORM Processor

SCORM helps a Learning Management System deliver and manage learning from external third-party sources.

FLV Player 

Added ability to play FLV videos in FlexTraining without needing to supply an SWF wrapper file.  

Skill group enrollment email 

Added ability to send email to student upon admin enrolling them into a skill group

Edit Arbitrary test question in table method 

Added the ability to edit a particular question, rather than having to run through the entire test.

Send Emails upon bulk import 

Added option to send emails to students with their login info during a bulk import. 

Show Answers on failure of test 

Added option to show answers on fail only and option to show answers only after failing the final allowed attempt of that test. 

Table Method Archive Vault 

Allowed courses and classes to be archived so they can be stored away off the table method, but resurrected if needed. This preserves student records in the archived class.  

Enroll from Skill Group Manager 

Added the ability to enroll students into the classes in a skill group automatically.

Skill Group Details - enroll 

Added the ability to enroll into a class from the skill group details screen.

Skill Group Details - enter 

Added the ability to enter from skill group page.

Transcript Report 

Added a Transcript Report to the list of available reports.

Password Policies 

Added Password Polices to control admin and student passwords.
User Password Expiration, Administrative Password Expiration, Minimum Password Length, Number of consecutive failed attempts before locking account,

Disable Form Button Double-Click 

Added prevention of a second click on form buttons while processing original click on enrollment, test grading and evaluation submission. 

Email Warning Period 

Added a "Within warning period" filter to the ?Email Students' routine.

Auto Enroll for Self Registration 

Option to automatically enroll students into a class or batch of classes upon self registration. 

Skill Group Target Matrix entry 

Added an Email Target Matrix row for Skill Group Enrollment. 

SCORM 1.2 Compliancy

Added a premium SCORM Compliant FlexTraining Module.

FlexTraining is a complete Learning Management System that works with any web browser over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. It lets customers author, build, deliver and manage custom online training and testing over a local or distributed network. For more information on this online training tool, visit www.flextraining.com or call 1-813-264-2046 or 1-888-957-7771.