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Enterprise e-Learning Edition

The Enterprise e-Learning Edition includes:

  • Access for unlimited administrators and point-and-click setup
  • Access for unlimited course developers and built-in authoring
  • Up to 5,000 online learners through a secure menu
  • Unlimited course development and delivery
  • 3rd party course delivery, tracking and progress reporting
  • Course templates, built-in reports and web based management
  • Skills management, completion tracking and certificates
  • Easily configured e-commerce integration
  • Searchable document libraries, student notebook and course guides
  • Custom interactive courses built for you (optional)
  • Premium FlexAuthoring content authoring tool available as an add-on
  • Available as a hosted solution or an installed product behind your firewall

Additional Information

FlexTraining's Enterprise e-Learning Edition is available as an installed "behind the firewall" software system or as a monthly subscription, often referred to as an "ASP model." See a comparison of these two options.

FlexTraining is priced competitively, no matter which products and licenses are selected. See the latest license fees.

FlexTraining also offers a Small Business Express Edition, a Standard Corporate and an Unlimited Edition.