FlexTraining Total E-learning Solution Released

Tampa, FL - December 6, 2002

The FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution, version 4.1, is now available for sale and distribution. It includes significant enhancements to its built-in Authoring Tool, a totally rewritten Reporting and Tracking system, an upgraded Learner Interface and major enhancements and improvements throughout all modules.  The best-of-breed software suite also features a new pricing model, designed to provide the same robust learning platform to both small and large enterprises.

FlexTraining is a complete Learning Management System which works with any web browser over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. It lets customers build, deliver, and manage custom online training and testing over a local or distributed network.

The upgraded authoring tool means that companies can acquire their entire e-Learning solution from one vendor.  Now, customers can get everything they need in one flexible, easy-to-use package , rather than integrating authoring and management products from various developers

The authoring tool accommodates basic content like HTML and images, as well as more complex material like Flash and streaming video. It also provides user-defined question-and-answer interactions that feature multimedia pop-up messages. FlexTraining itself is capable of managing any type of web-deliverable content, including Word, PowerPoint, HTML, video, Flash, and even custom material built with external authoring systems.

With FlexTraining, customers use point-and-click "System Options" to adapt the software to their specific needs, without programming. FlexTraining also comes with complete source code, for customers who need to customize their system beyond the considerable flexibility offered by the standard product.

This release greatly expands the utility of this flexible e-Learning solution.   For more information, including an online demonstration, proceed to the More Info section.

New Features:

Enhanced Learning Content Authoring

FlexTraining's built-in Content Authoring Tool has been greatly enhanced, in functionality and ease-of use:

  • Content Authors select from a list of interactive templates and use point-and-click Authoring to streamline the design process.
  • Optional automatic page advancement for "slide-show" type lessons.
  • Optional user-selected streaming audio tracks for narration and explanations.
  • Optional "status bar" on each Learning Screen showing current screen number and where in the current lesson the learner currently is. 
  • Supports text, images, and multimedia such as Flash movies and streaming video.

Powerful "Drill-down" Reporting and Analysis Facility

Totally new reporting facility provides quick access to the specific information you need, using selection filters to target specific classes and/or learners.

  • Eight report types with data filters to focus your results.
  • New "360 Degree Training Effectiveness" Report - shows learner's assessed skill level before and after taking each specific course.
  • "Item Analysis Report" shows how learners are responding to your test questions, detailing percent correct and percent chosen for each candidate answer.  Also provided is a feature to reprint a learner's test long after it was completed.
  • Custom Report Builder lets you build your own report "on the fly", selecting data filters, display columns, and sort sequence.  Assign a title and save your report to run again as needed.
  • Option Bar on every report lets you download, print or send your report to  someone else via e-mail.

Pre and Post Assessments

Now the Administrator can define a Pre-Assessment and/or a Post-Assessment for any course, allowing for easy measurement of knowledge transfer and progress.  Also, tests are now assigned a relationship to Course Lessons, so that assessments can occur at the proper time.

Unique ID Tracking

Students and training results can now be tracked by Employee Number, Social Security Number, or other Unique Identifier.  This "Unique ID" can be imported with incoming Student Records and tracked through the system all the way to course completion reports.

Simplified Course Assembly

The FlexTraining Management Center  (formerly called the "Administration Module") presents a more streamlined interface for assembling course content.  Course sections may be based on external files, URL's, Streaming Video, or Lessons authored in the FlexTraining Content Authoring Tool.

Developer Menu

A new menu in the FlexTraining Management Module provides access to only those features necessary to develop course material,. assemble courses, and create assessments.  This separate, secure menu is intended for use by course developers who do not need access to the full range of management functions.

Improved Learner Interface

The FlexTraining Learner Interface now provides an organized, sequential view of all assessments and course content.  The new layout allows the learner to easily track his or her progress through the course activities.

The web-based student menu provides access to all course material, pre and post assessments, course guide, searchable dynamic libraries, collaboration or forum participation, and the student locker.

Ease-of-Use Enhancements

This release also includes numerous usability and terminology changes throughout all modules in order to make FlexTraining even more user-friendly and functional.

Optional Additional Complementary Products

Flextraining now offers the following add-on products, which are available for an additional fee:


A versatile, robust Learning Authoring Tool which works only with the FlexTraining LMS.  Features a streamlined publishing tool for point-and-click publishing of Flash-based learning content without Flash programming.  Also offers additional templates not available in the standard FlexTraining Content Authoring Tool.  Uses same Interface style as standard Authoring Tool, for very short user learning curve. 

Courseware Data Import

An import facility for importing test completions and course content access events into FlexTraining.  Provides "AICC/SCORM" compliance by providing an API for customers determined to use an external facility for testing instead of the built-in assessments in FlexTraining.