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Custom Course Development

Each organization, in fact each particular online learning project, has its own special set of learning needs, preferred technologies and project timeframe.  Audiences are different, targeted skills are different and the subject matter varies completely from one company to another.

With FlexTraining utilized by companies and organizations in almost every imaginable industry and location, canned training courses where "one size fits all" does not apply.  Many companies will use the point-and-click authoring and assembly tools to create their own courses.  Yet there is a continuing need for reliable, economical services in the area of course development and those services are available from FlexTraining.

Specific Course Development Services

  • Define a custom lesson plan, outlining how many course sections, course guide chapters, pre-tests and post-assessments and searchable library documents to implement in order to create the most effective learning experience.
  • Create and utilize multimedia content objects such as video and audio files, flash movies, streaming multimedia and/or pop-up alert messages.
  • Build interactive, multimedia lessons using the template-based FlexAuthoring learning content authoring tool.
  • Create online tests including questions, answers, explanations, optional video and setting grading, logging and timing policies.
  • Build and save custom progress and analysis reports developed with the built-in FlexTraining report builder.
  • Pre-register your online learners, and optionally, establish a curriculum for each based on the skills which need to be acquired and tracked.
  • Manage your development project to insure your courses and learning environment are ready when needed.