How FlexTraining Works For You

In short, FlexTraining works just the way you want it to. We create your online training on any subject, or you quickly and easily assemble courses yourself. It's your choice. FlexTraining is by far the most cost-effective and flexible solution for targeted training and testing available.

The Tools For Success

We provide built-in templates, navigation, course wizards, flexible testing, activity tracking and learner-printable certificates. FlexTraining is easily customizable and fully scalable, and it works as well for 100 new employees or 50,000 learners around the world. Unlimited courses, enrollments, and managers.

A quick overview gives you a taste of what is possible in online training right now.

Any Industry, Any Training Project

Elliot F.

Elliot F. Chief Learning Officer, Public Sector

We had tried the more complex, costly training tools. But the Universal Learning Platform provided by FlexTraining proved to be the answer. We were able to develop several courses very quickly, utilize various learning materials, and meet our budgets and deadlines.

Elaina R.

Elaina R. Director of Applications, EZELAUNCH

FlexTraining has set the standards for the industry; all others fall short of its quality and appearance.

Elaina R.

Danielle T. Vice President, Planning and Programs

We had no idea that, by choosing FlexTraining, we would be getting both an outstanding application and the support of a dynamic team. It is obvious that they not only believe in their product but also take pride in the success of their consumers.

Our innovative Quick Start program gets you up and running immediately in your own online training center. Build your own courses from scratch or utilize existing material.

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