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Training managers are adopting FlexTraining, and its streamlined templates, because it saves them time and money. Sign up here for access to white papers, demos, and course development guidelines that will give you a head start.

Ann W.

Ann W. Manager of Internal and Compliance Training

There are several costly and complex training development tools on the market. But FlexTraining is budget-friendly, simple to use, and very powerful. And we started our project by gathering information and guidance under the free FlexTraining VIP program.

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"FlexTraining has set the standards for the industry; all others fall short of its quality and appearance."

Elaina Rankin
Application Specialist, EZELAUNCH

" Our training was up and running right away. FlexTraining really hit it out of the park!"

Jeff McLendon - President
US Lumber Inc.

Learning technology can be user-friendly

" We had no idea that, by choosing FlexTraining, we would be getting both an outstanding application and the support of a dynamic team. It is obvious that they not only believe in their product but also take pride in the success of their consumers."

Daniel Tufts