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The road to excellence starts with solid learning technology.

In a challenging economic climate, smart choices must be made to reduce ongoing production costs, insure safety in operations, reduce costs and improve effectiveness. One prominent area where expenses can be driven downward is in the delivery of targeted training and skills enhancement. The Login & Go cloud-based custom training platform delivers those kind of savings.

Many companies face a stark choice: find a cost-effective strategy for delivering targeted education or don't do any training at all. And performing no training at all is not an option in the long run.

How about an example? The white paper below presents realistic examples that demonstrate how online training using the Login & Go system drives down ongoing training costs. Conservative assumptions are made concerning individual cost drivers and the utilization of classroom facilities to ensure fairness.

Download the Reducing Manufacturing Training Costs white paper

Imagine how custom online training could deliver benefits to your manufacturing operation.
  • Targeted on-demand courses based on YOUR products and processes
  • Operational benefits based on knowledge transfer and improved performance
  • Fewer incidents of part shortages, and excess or unbalanced inventory
  • Less scrap and rework items, less discarded material
  • Fewer late shipments, unplanned expediting incidents
  • Fewer customer complaints and more repeat orders
  • More sales, better margins, fewer headaches
  • Cost reductions from the shop floor to the warehouse to the back office
  • Steep reductions in the cost of training (see White Paper below)

Selected Manufacturing/Distribution E-Learning Clients:
  • Kokusai Semiconductors
  • Hytrol Conveyor Company
  • Pole Zero
  • Canadian Tire
  • Wajax Industrial Components
  • Daikin America
  • Alaska Supply Chain Integrators
  • Accuride International
  • Bassett Furniture
  • Freeport McMoRan
  • Wolfe Electric
  • Kroger Manufacturing
  • US Lumber
  • YKK AP

Reducing Manufacturing Training Costs

How FlexTraining is Optimized for Manufacturing Training

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