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Get serious about online training for about $10 per day

  • Create unlimited courses, lessons, tests, exercises, videos, and reports.
  • Rapidly assemble courses with a streamlined tool set and gain hands-on experience.
  • See what your ideas and images look like in a full learning management system.
  • Drop in as many exercises and tests as needed and wherever you like.
  • Ask for assistance from a real live E-Learning consultant at any time.
  • Utilize Best Industry Practices and keep any courses you build when you decide to grow.

Build Your Online Courses While You Learn

Build Online Courses While You Learn

  • This groundbreaking "flexible prototype" program lets you build courses now, decide on your system later
  • Start building courses today using a proven learning framework
  • Activate your system when your courses and students are ready
  • Secure access, templates, coursebuilding, progress tracking included
  • Create unlimited courses and tests during your flexible pre-build period
  • When you are ready, simply activate your system and begin live training
  • Available to any company or organization - no network or server needed
  • Continuing on at a future date to a FlexTraining system license or a Login & Go subscription is as your discretion and is totally up to you
Utilize a Full Training System During Your Pre-build Period

Utilize a Full Training System

  • Complete authoring and delivery system from day one
  • Secure access, course development tools, flexible options, progress tracking
  • Built-in support for text, video, images, audio narrations
  • Secure private menus and coursebuilding platform
  • Set options to customize behaviors, test screens
  • Hosting, security, backups, server administration included
  • Coursebuilding strategies, templates, built-in course navigation provided
  • Tech support, online help system, management guide
  • Cancel at any time and owe nothing for future months

Why Can't My Trial Be Totally Free?

Why Can't My Trial Be Totally Free?

The $299 monthly fee for the Start Today program, which is fully refundable for customers who select Login & Go or a FlexTraining license, does not cover our costs in preparing and supporting your private, fully-functional training environment. It does defray our costs somewhat, but more importantly it demonstrates a level of commitment on behalf of the interested company or organization.

We are well aware that some software vendors are out in the marketplace offering so-called "free trials". We followed this practice ourselves for several years. And what we found was this:

  • Most companies never touch the system during their 7-day trial period.
  • Users who did access their trial environment did not read the imbedded "Help" information.
  • Users had no realistic plan for what they wanted to accomplish.
  • As a result, users did not have a positive experience working in their trial system.
  • Having technical support and a management guide would have made a difference.
  • Only trivial software can be tested in a meaningful way without documentation or support.
  • Users with absolutely no money invested gave the experience a low priority, naturally.

Therefore we developed the Start Today program with its very low $299/month fee. For companies and organizations who do not have access to $299, we respectfully ask that they remember us when they do.