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One Vision - Two Solutions

FlexTraining helps companies and organizations reduce operating costs and improve performance throughout the enterprise. We do this by providing secure online training and testing solutions for your employees, customers, or clients who require one-time or recurrent training. See a online demo now.

Our vision is that on-demand training should be available to public and private sector customers of all sizes and within all markets. Therefore it should be streamlined and effective, should allow customers to re-use their existing training materials, and should yield a very low overall cost of ownership. In addition, we promote simplicity by offering a complete solution from a single source. Finally, in order to maximize convenience for our customers, we always allow the customer to choose between installing a software solution and utilizing an ongoing private training center.

1. Your own installed Learning System

E-Learning Instructional designers agree that the key to effective learning is interactivity. Our built in exercise templates, dynamic images and multimedia support give you a powerful E-Learning toolset. FlexTraining Learning Management System is a complete end-to-end training framework, designed from the ground up for effective web-based training

2. An always-available online private training center

Some companies are not interested in licensing an E-Learning Software package. For these organizations, our Login & Go service is the preferred solution. Subscribers have a complete development, management and training system with built-in security and comprehensive reporting. All system features are available, including course authoring, curriculum planning, results tracking, testing, and uploading and downloading student data.